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Dollar Store Terrarium

If you`re not a green thumb, not to worry! You can make a dollar store terrarium with low maintenance fake plants. Supplies: Decorative rocks Fake moss Plastic succulents Glass or plastic container Scissors Music: “Sweet” Read more…

Styro-Bowl Snail

It’s a good day for a craft! Pick up your craft kit from the Centennial Branch or the Crystal Ridge Branch! To reserve your kit, email or call 905-871-2546. Supplies: Styro-foam bowl Scissors Construction Read more…

DIY Pinwheel

Brighten up your space with a DIY Pinwheel! Embrace summer and bright colours with this fun teen craft. Supplies: Paper Paint Paint brush Ribbon or string Scissors Hot glue Music: “Summer” from

QOTD #4: Divergent

What is the sinister plan of Erudite leader, Janine? How does she hope to accomplish her plan? Who is left unaffected by her scheme? Leave your answer in the comments below!

DIY Spinner

Let’s make a vintage craft! Make your own spinner to blend colours, or create an optical illusion. Supplies: White paper Scissors Hole puncher Markers String or twine Ruler Music: “Little Idea” from