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Havenfall by Sara Holland

Book Review by Allie HavenFall, by Sara Holland, firmly grasped my attention from page one as Holland combines topics such as childlike innocence, romance, adventure, heartbreak and more. Such a combination of subject matter often Read more…

Geometric Art

Check out this week’s teen craft, and make your own geometric art! Supplies: Canvas Sponge brush Paint Tape Music: “Moose” from

Picture Frame Lanter

Check out our easy teen craft this week, a picture frame lantern! A great place to put candles, plants, or anything to display. Supplies: Four identical picture frames Screwdriver Hot glue or super glue Music: Read more…


Want to make an easy, rustic craft? Try our teen craft this week and make your own luminary! Supplies: Can Spray paint Hammer Nail Tea light Music: “Once Again” from

Bubble Wand

Get outside and blow some bubbles! Make your own bubble wand from the supplies available in this week’s craft kit. Reserve your kit today by calling your local branch or emailing We also have Read more…

Straw Woven Bookmark

Learn a new skill and try some simple weaving with this teen craft! All you need is some straws and yarn. Supplies: Straws Yarn Scissors Tape Music: “Happiness” from