FAQ for Book Clubs

Will I need to put a hold on the title on Hoopla?

Nope! Hoopla allows multiple people to check out the same title, at the same time. No wait time needed!

Is there a limit on how many items can be checked out on Hoopla?

Yes. Each month, you can check out up to ten items. At the beginning of the next month, you will get ten new borrows.

Do I need to register my child or ward?

No. At this time, no registration is required.

Do I need an account on WordPress to leave a comment?

No, you can comment just be leaving a name and email address.

My child or ward joined the Kids Reading Club later. Do they need to go back and read the earlier titles before they can participate?

Nope! You can pick up on the book we are currently reading. But feel free to go back and read previous titles, and comment your answers on the daily questions.

The library is still closed, and I don’t have a Fort Erie Public Library card. Now what?

No library card? No problem! Email the library at info@fepl.ca, and we’ll register you for a card.