Community Guidelines


Be respectful.

Debate and conversation is encouraged, and it can be done without being offensive, intimidating, or humiliating others based on race, ethnicity, colour, nationality or physical characteristics, religion or non-religious viewpoints, gender of sexual orientation, political opinion, age, physical, mental or intellectual disabilities or impairments, socio-economic status, or the ways people express themselves.

Be polite.

Strong or offensive language is not permitted. Foul language or clever substitutions will be deleted.

Be courteous.

Posts defaming others, bullying, discussing illegal activities, or posting the private information of others is prohibited.

Things to DO:

  • Respect that others have different perspectives, and don’t take things personally if they are different
  • Welcome newcomers and all members!
  • Give feedback to other members in a helpful, constructive way

Things NOT to Do:

  • Impersonate another person
  • Post personal details or private information.
  • Create comments or content that is discriminatory or derogatory.
  • Advertise or spam.

We will remove comments that:

  • Provoke, disrupt, offend, or attack others
  • Contain swear words or language that is offensive to others
  • Contain racists, sexist, abusive, or objectionable language
  • Break the law or promote unlawful activity
  • Advertise for profit or gain
  • Include personal details, including phone numbers, email or postal addresses
  • Appear to be spam messages