He Must Like You by Danielle Younge-Ullman

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Book review by Sydney

“He Must Like You” is a complex back throbbing, heavy, thought out story. It is about a young teenage girl who’s future path has torn into bits and pieces, because of a number of men. She has to mend together all her problems to be able to solve them. Including missing tuition money, a sexual harsser at work, bad relationships, and a very neglectful father.

Libby is a struggling character who faces so many problems that she has to solve herself. Senior year is not going so good for her. Her brother has left for a Greek Island after taking all his college money with him. While Libby has to pay for her college tuition herself, her parents have taken her money, and decided to kick her out after graduation. They believe this will fix the many money problems they have. Trying to find a good job is too hard because of her father’s mental health issues, that had caused him to lose many jobs in their town. 

A drunken hook-up with her coworker Kyle has left her confused, she was into it, then she wasn’t, then she just couldn’t stop. She is so confused she called it a “sort of” rape. Libby works at The Goat, as a waitress. She continues to be harassed by the well-known customer Perry Ackerman, where he pushes her buttons. The thing is that Perry is Libby’s mom’s boss, so she can’t do much about it (for now). As Perry continues, she decides she’s had enough and won’t take it anymore.

I enjoyed Libby’s character a lot. Danielle can truly make a book so realistic-feeling, and emotional. From time to time the mysteries are slowly revealed and you get deeper into the book and enjoy yourself more. This book is recommended for teens and older readers. It’s definitely not recommended for younger ages due to the fact that the author gets into detail. I loved this book and wouldn’t regret reading it. I won’t say much to spoil, but the end turns out with a happy, more relaxed story for Libby. If this review has interested you, I would say to go read the book now!

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