White Lies by Sara de Waard

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Review by Suha

White lies is an amazing heartfelt story. It touches on those difficult feelings and brings out a lot of emotions. Missy’s sweet 16 is just around the corner, but her birthday is not something she wants to celebrate. This date brings back a couple traumatizing memories of events she’s been through. Any other kid or person would be excited for their birthday but Missey dreads it. She dreads every single day. Life hasn’t been easy for her. After suffering the loss of a loved one at 13 and her mother being in prison Missy lives everyday on the edge. And to top it all off, her father is an abusive alcoholic. Every day Missy is reminded that the trauma herself and her family has gone through is her fault. Due to all the mental stress Missey is numb, mentally and emotionally numb. 

Do you think Missy’s life will turn around for the better? Will she meet someone that will turn her upside down life, right side up? I won’t spoil it for you so read to find out!! Personally I have a hard time liking books because not many authors know how to write. They have amazing storylines but they just can’t put it into the right words. But this book is written so well. It’s very descriptive which I always love about a book. Everything in this book goes so well together, it’s not repetitive, and what happens within the story fits. The events aren’t so overwhelmingly described to where they don’t correspond with the story. These things happen in real life too. This book is well worth your time, and if you love a great book about mental health you’ll love it!! Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend it for anyone. There isn’t a specific age rating, just make sure you’re okay with reading about sensitive topics.

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