The Satellite Love by Genki Feguson

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Review by Eliana

The Satellite love is sad yet strange combined with a beautiful aspect written by Genki Ferguson. The book is set in 1999 in Japan in a somewhat impoverished area with a Japanese-American girl named Anna. She struggles with actuality as she lives her day-to-day life with her imaginary friends, which helps her cope with the hardships of her life. 

She looks to the satellites for comfort, which is when her relationship with Leo begins. Without giving too much detail on what happens in the novel, Anna will conclude that you don’t always need physical friends to have a fulfilling life.

This book gets a solid 8.5/10 for me since I would have loved for Anna to evolve more as a character, but all around, the book was delightful, from the way the author wrote it all around to the way we get a multitude of different character’s points of views. 

The story all comes together beautifully, the author did a great job capturing how the characters were feeling at every moment, which sometimes can be challenging for many authors.

Seeing how Anna’s grandfather would forget who she was due to his Alzheimers was so sad to read at times. Then, to add insult to injury, Anna became used to the fact that her grandfather would have little to no memory of her ever. Anna had it pretty hard considering that she had to take care of her sick grandfather while her mom was never home to even take care of her.

The novel is excellent for people who want a good emotional story that can hit close to home at certain moments.

I could see myself reading more of Genki’s books based on the formatting; for Anna to go through so much and still not care about being an outcast in her school is enjoyable to read. 

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