The Pegan Diet by Mark Hyman

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Book review by John

 The “Pegan Diet” is written by Mark Hyman who is a famous physician who had dedicated his career to helping people fight chronic illness. He has 9 New York Time bestsellers. He has been a guest on many tv shows like The Dr. Oz Show. The “Pegan Diet” is a combination of vegan and paleo. The Paleo diet is similar to the vegan diet except for where they get their protein from. Vegans get their protein from beans and plant-based nutrients while paleo can eat meat and animal by-products. The “Pegan Diet” is an educational book that teaches you how to use food as medicine to promote longevity, brain health, gut health, and many more benefits. Do you want to stop constantly getting sick, want better-looking skin, have more energy throughout the day, lose weight, and have fewer allergies symptoms? If you said yes to any of those then you have to give this book a read. Eating right is also linked with good mental health, you will have a better mood when you consume the correct foods. This book also offers easy recipes for every meal of the day, snacks, and desserts, that can be made in a snap to satisfy your hunger and help heal your body as well. It also teaches how you can eat healthy without breaking the bank. Many other health experts have used this diet with great results. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to live their best life ailment free. 

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