The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee

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Book Review by Nathan

This book is the second in a series, the first being The Fever King. Even though I had never read anything of Victoria Lee’s, I certainly enjoyed it, even if it was a little more graphic than I normally would read. Nonetheless, it was a great book, and I definitely enjoyed reading it. It described Noam Alvaro’s quest to not only keep his dear friend Dara Shirazi alive but also their plots to kill a certain Calix Lehrer, the chancellor of Carolina. Over time, the revolution grows, and dangers mount.

This series (Don’t sweat it, it’s only 2 books) was amazing, I would definitely recommend this book, and also by extension the whole series, but with a serious warning, the series tackles several issues, namely abuse, and makes no effort to sugarcoat said abuse. Because of the extensive abuse throughout the series, and also the graphic scenes, I would hesitate to recommend the series to younger audiences. Warning aside, as a single book in and of itself, it’s still great, the character progression is great and feels really authentic, and while the world itself is dark, there are frequent moments of comedy scattered throughout. This book will have you switching back and forth between laughing out loud and wondering what’s about to happen next, and it’s honestly a great feel for a dystopian novel. I love it.

This book was a great read, with a few great messages, and characters that all have unique, believable flaws. This is one of those books that once you pick it up you’re not likely to put it back down for a while, overall a great read, and a great series!

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