Havenfall by Sara Holland

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Book Review by Allie

HavenFall, by Sara Holland, firmly grasped my attention from page one as Holland combines topics such as childlike innocence, romance, adventure, heartbreak and more. Such a combination of subject matter often results in a powerful, relatable novel.

Maddie Morrow has always been looked at as the girl whose Mom killed her little brother. She has never felt like she fits in anywhere, that is except for the inn in a small town called Haven, located in the mountains of Colorado with her best friend Brekken, whom she has known and loved since she was little. The inn is called Havenfall, and along with this strange name comes an even more interesting secret – Havenfall is the crossroads of the other four realms that intersect with Earth, or as the Fiordens, Byrnstians, and the dreaded Solarians refer to it, Haven. Her Uncle has been the innkeeper for years but many years ago, before his time as innkeeper, the door to Solaria had to be sealed off from the others because of their role in the last war between the realms. The threat of the Solarians was thought to have been averted as the door is closed, but troubles soon arise as a dead body is found within the walls of Havenfall. Around this time, her uncle is gravely injured, Brekken goes missing, and Maddie finds herself responsible for the safety of everyone at Havenfall – with the high stakes of a dangerous creature on the loose. With dark secrets regarding her and the Inn resurfacing, she must be ready to do whatever it takes to protect everyone. She is willing to try anything, even seeking the help of a mysterious new staff member, Taya, in order to find the truth and restore Havenfall to the innocent place it was for her for so many years.

Although at the beginning Havenfall is a little slow-going it is still engaging nonetheless. Sara Holland has masterfully blended many different aspects  to make a compelling storyline that leaves readers wondering what is going to happen next. Maddie’s insecurities and revelations throughout the book are relatable and will resonate with readers. Anyone who enjoyed other books written by Sara Holland, such as Everless and Evermore, will love this beautiful tale of childlike wonder and the struggle of holding on to that while growing older.

Overall, despite its few flaws, I find Havenfall to be a well written book that firmly held my attention until the last page. I would definitely recommend this book to any young reader who enjoys fantasy or Holland’s other books. 

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