All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace

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Book Review by Nathan

This book took me on a journey. Right from the very start, I was involved in the story. I’ve never read anything by Adalyn Grace, but after this book, I would gladly read more of her work. The book follows Amora Montara, the heir to the royal family of animancers. After a miserable failure, she flees for her life, uncovering a plot to overthrow the kingdom in the process. The book had me rooting for Amora the whole time, even if some decisions she made were, at least in my opinion, questionable. As she journeys towards the island where the leader of the revolution lives, she learns more about not only the people she’s travelling with but also about the magic of the whole kingdom.

There’s no question in my mind as to if I would recommend this book to someone. It was a great read, and aside from the fairly large amount of blood, it’s not particularly graphic either, even if it does have a few fairly questionable scenes. It’s ending does leave something to be desired, but at least it’s not a cliffhanger. By the time I finished the book, I was already hoping for another in the series, which is going to be released in early February of 2021. This book has a good balance of battle and discussion, so it has a very good flow. The book overall has a very believable world, where very little feels greatly out of place.

This book was a great read, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting some nice, fantastical reading with a hearty dose of magic and a few heaping spoons of comedy.

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