QOTD #5: The Lightning Thief

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At the end of the book, Percy decides to head home and attend a mortal school for the year. Do you agree with his decision to leave the camp? Why or why not?

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Thank you for participating in our first week of Kid’s Reading Club! If you enjoyed the first book, be sure to check out Rick Riordan’s second book in the Percy Jackson series, The Sea of Monsters, available through Hoopla.

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Katie Anzovino · April 10, 2020 at 11:23 am

If I were Percy I wood have stayed at camp half blood to be safe from monsters. If mudussa was out there who knows what other monsters are. She gave me the creeps. I also think going home would not be smart if Gabe not there to keep the monsters of Percy’s scent. In the end Percy had to think about his mom at home so he went home to be with her. I would be tempted to go home to mom too but just the thought of those monsters still out there I would have chose to stay at camp half blood. Really enjoyed the book. I have already started sea of monsters. Can’t wait for next book club pick.

    Ashley · April 14, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    Hi Katie!

    I kind of agree with you on that idea that he should have stayed at the camp. I was a bit confused why he left, but I can understand his reasons. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

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