QOTD #1: Divergent

Tris left her old life behind to join a completely different faction. What was her old faction like? What do we know about Dauntless? Why do you think she chose Dauntless as her new home? What kind of problems has she encountered so far?

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QOTD #1: The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

Emmy is forced to leave her mother and attend boarding school and England, where she is then told she needs to join their Latin Society. After her first meeting, she decided she wanted to stick around because it would let her catch up on work. But she believes the teacher leading the Latin Society doesn’t want her around? Do you think that is true? What do we know so far about the Latin Society?

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QOTD #4: The Perfect Escape

During the zombie apocalypse survival adventure, Annie teams up with Nate’s nemesis to take him down and corner him into intentionally lowering his GPA to make other students look good. Why did Annie decide to go against Nate and betray his trust?

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