Ombré Nail Art

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Can’t get to the salon? Follow along with this easy tutorial to do your own ombre nail art!

You will need:
– Make up or cleaning sponge
– Nail file
– Clear nail polish, or base coat and top coat
– Nail polish remover
– 3 different colours of nail polish
– Cotton Swabs
– Paper to protect your table

1. File nails to desired shape and length
2. Apply base coat or clear coat and let dry
3. Apply a line of nail polish in each colour to the sponge, then gently tap the sponge a few times on your nail. Wait for this coat to dry, then repeat until the colour is thick enough.
4. Repeat step 3 for each finger nail.
5. Clean fingers with nail polish remover and cotton swabs.
6. Apply a top coat or clear coat
7. Admire your nails!

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