You by Charles Benoit

Are you ready for something completely different? This week for Teen Reads, we’re reading You by Charles Benoit.

The book can be borrowed as an ebook from Hoopla:

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go.

You’re just a typical fifteen-year-old sophomore, an average guy named Kyle Chase. This can’t be happening to you. But then, how do you explain all the blood? How do you explain how you got here in the first place?

There had to have been signs, had to have been some clues it was coming. Did you miss them, or ignore them? Maybe if you can figure out where it all went wrong, you can still make it right. Or is it already too late? Think fast, Kyle. Time’s running out. How did this happen?

You is the riveting story of fifteen-year-old Kyle and the small choices he does and doesn’t make that lead to his own destruction.

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QOTD #5: 10 Blind Dates

Which date was your favourite? Was it one of the sweet, fun dates? Or maybe one of the cringey, awkward dates? Why?

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QOTD #4: 10 Blind Dates

Have you read other teen romance novels? How does 10 Blind Dates compare? How is it similar or different, and what did you like? What are some themes or story lines that you liked best?

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QOTD #2: 10 Blind Dates

While the book is a romance, a big theme through out the whole novel is family. What kind of changing family dynamics were at play between Sophie and her different cousins, her aunts and uncles, her Papa and Nonna, and her parents and sister? How did those relationships alter her choices?

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QOTD #1: 10 Blind Dates

Sophia’s family is filled with characters, big personalities, and a lot of interesting dynamics. Do you feel that the author captured what having a big extended family is really like? In what ways was it accurate or inaccurate?

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10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

Are you ready to dive in to our first Teen Reads book club title?

Let’s start off our book club with a light read – a sweet romance by Ashley Elston, titled 10 Blind Dates.

The book can be downloaded here as an ebook:

Sophie wants one thing for Christmas – time with her boyfriend Garrett. So when her parents plan a trip to visit her sister over the holiday, Sophie begs to be left behind with her grandparents and her boisterous extended family. But she and Garret break up and she’s devastated.

Sophie’s grandmother, hating to see her so upset, devises a (not so) brilliant plan – to distract her from heartbreak. Over the next ten days, different family members will set Sophie up on ten different blind dates, which doesn’t sound awkward at all . . .

When Garrett turns up unexpectedly, it makes Sophie more confused than ever. Because maybe, just maybe, she’s started to have feelings for someone else. Someone who is definitely not available.

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Welcome to Teen Reads!

Welcome to Teen Reads, hosted through the Fort Erie Public Library!

We are excited to offer this online book club to encourage young adults to read and discuss their thoughts.

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